Apple’s Knowledge Navigator Development in the Internet Age

This week the first transistor in Bell Labs and the two parc-linking the technology development milestones at Xerox’s Palo Alto pc to this year’s 30th anniversary knowledge Navigation, the computer was used as an incentive by Apple CEO John Sculley. Sculley told me earlier this year that he wanted to inspire people to believe that we were not the end of computer creativity, but only at the very beginning of the journey. According to Moore’s law, Sculley says they are confident that after 1987 they will be able to do multimedia, build communications with computers, simulate them, and develop computers that can act as intelligent assistants. The problem is “how to present it to people so that they believe it will happen” and the answer is “concept video.”


70 years ago this week, December 23, 1947, has proved to be a fundamental innovation in Moore’s law. Under the command of Walter H. Brattain and John A. Bardeen, B.sockley discovered the transistor effect and developed and demonstrated a point-contact germanium transistor. This leads directly to the development of solid-state devices that revolutionize the electronics industry and change the way people live, learn, work, and play around the world.

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