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300-465 CLDDES – Cisco:

  • translate requirements into cloud/automation process designs
  • design Private Cloud infrastructures
  • design Public Cloud infrastructures
  • design Cloud Security Policies
  • design Virtualization and Virtual Network Services

Latest effective Cisco 300-465 Exam Practice Tests

A cloudadministratoris migrating a VM to the Intercloud FabricCloud.What optionliststhesteps that are needed to achievethis task?

pass4itsure 300-465 exam question q1

A. B. C. D.
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: D

Which three network services are offered by Microsoft Azure? (Choose three.)
A. elastic load balancing
B. traffic manager route incoming traffic for high performance and availability
C. intrusion detection systems, load balancing, firewalls
D. virtual private networks to be deployed and managed
E. virtual network provision private networks, optionally connect to on-premises datacenters
F. express route dedicated private network fiber connections to Azure
Correct Answer: BEF

From which module must a manager or supervior review and authorize the service when end user submits an order in
the prime service catalog?
A. Order Management
B. Service e Request
C. Requisition
D. Administration
Correct Answer: A

A cloud administrator is considering storage for a deployment. The admin needs a solution that is durable and reliable
and fits the need for storing media, web assets, and backups. Which solution meets this need the best?
A. Cloud file storage
B. Cloud block storage
C. Cloud hybrid storage
D. Cloud NFS storage
Correct Answer: C

Which two options are Cisco Intercloud Fabric Deployment Models? (Choose two.)
A. enterprise managed
B. enterprise DMZ controlled
C. small office home office deployment
D. service provider managed hybrid cloud
Correct Answer: A

Which describes the best option when beginning a cloud design?
A. Outline even/ challenge in the data center in a business justification document.
B. Switch to a single hypervisor provider.
C. Leverage automation as a foundational concept.
D. Hire enough resources to maintain a 5-to-1 relationship with managed devices.
Correct Answer: B

Which option does not relate to the zero trust model?
A. secure access
B. orchestration
C. intrusion protection system
D. segmentation
Correct Answer: B

An administrator is designing a cloud environment lo support multi-tenancy. The customs will share infrastructure,
applications. Which two designconcernsshould have priority? (Choose two)
A. core layer segmentation
B. to ensure that proper upgrade protocols are planned out
C. VM segmentation and database segmentation
D. to ensure that proper security and isolation protects tenants from the risks they pose to one another
E. data center infrastructure segmentation
Correct Answer: BD

A Cisco UCS Director administrator has added vCenter to the virtual data center. Which two vCenter functionalities are
not available in Cisco Director? (Choose two.)
A. create a VM
B. assign a VM
C. delete a VM
D. use Stack View
E. clone a VM
Correct Answer: AD

Which three components are involved the design of Cisco Secure cloud extension? (Choose three.)
A. Intercloud Fabric Extender
B. Amazon Hybrid Cloud
C. third party firewall to secure the connection
D. Amazon Web Services
E. TLS tunnel, to extend the VLAN
F. Intercloud Fabric Switch
Correct Answer: ACF

A system administrator must use Cisco UCS Director to migrate several virtual machines from one host to another
without disrupting the workload In whichtwo ways can the administrator accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. migrate VM policy
B. migrate VM wizard
C. hot VW migration wizard
D. hot VM workflow task
E. migrate VM workflow task
Correct Answer: BE

Which two storage connectivity types are most widely used for VMFS datastores? (Choose two
Correct Answer: AB

Which two options need to be considered to build a context aware infrastructure? (Choose two.)
A. VIAN segmentation (or every application type.
B. The design of data formats and network protocols for the platform.
C. Creating zero connectivity environments for sensitive data.
D. The building of basic services in the infrastructure, including automatic path creation and proximity-based discovery.
Correct Answer: BD

Which two options are Cisco Intercloud Fabric use cases? (Choose two.)
A. development and testing
B. capacity reduction
C. legal compliance
D. secure administrative access
E. shadow IT control
Correct Answer: AE

Which option describes the foundation of automated cloud design?
A. Start small, automate infrastructure, and define success criteria.
B. Automate interaction with all application services before moving on to infrastructure.
C. Contact your local cloud provider
D. Not all cloud designs are subject to automation
Correct Answer: A

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