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Pass4itsure Cisco Exam 600-509 Dumps Blog Series:
You are about to release a test progress report to a senior manager, who is not a test specialist. Which of the following topics should NOT be included in the test progress report? 1 credit
A. Product risks which have been mitigated and those which are outstanding.
B. Recommendations for taking controlling actions
C. Status compared against the started exit criteria
D. Detailed overview of the risk-based test approach being used to ensure the exit criteria to be achieved
600-509 exam 
Correct Answer: D
Explain how the above mentioned report may differ from a report that you produce for the project manager, who is a test specialist Select TWO items from the following options that can be used to report to the project manager and would not be included in a report to senior management. 1 credit
A. Show details on effort spent
B. List of all outstanding defects with their priority and severity
C. Give product risk status
D. Show trend analysis
E. State recommendations for release
Correct Answer: AB
Consider the typical objectives of testing. Which of the following metrics can be used to measure the effectiveness of the testing process in achieving one of those objectives?
A. Average number of days between defect discovery and resolution
B. Percentage of requirements covered
C. Lines of code written per developer per day
D. Percentage of test effort spent on regression testing
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Correct Answer: B
You have been given responsibility for the non-functional testing of a safety-critical monitoring & diagnostics package in the medical area. Which of the following would you least expect to see addressed in the test plan? 1 credit
A. Availability
B. Safety
C. Portability
D. Reliability
Correct Answer: C
Since the system is in the medical domain and therefore in the safety critical area, testing needs to be  rigorous and evidence is required that the system has been adequately tested. Identify THREE measures that would typically be part of the test approach in this domain and which are not always applicable in other domains! 1 credit
A. High level of documentation
B. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) sessions
C. Traceability to requirements
D. Non-functional testing
E. Master test planning
F. Test design techniques
G. Reviews
600-509 pdf 
Correct Answer: ABC
A test log is one of the documents that need to be produced in this domain in order to provide evidence of testing. However, the level of detail of test logs can vary. Which of the following is NOT an influencing factor for the level of detail of the test logs being produced?
A. Level of test execution automation
B. Test level
C. Regulatory requirements
D. Experience level of testers
Correct Answer: D
Considerable attention will be given in this project to defining exit criteria and on reporting back on their status. Which combination of TWO exit criteria from the list would be best to use? 1 credit
I. Total number of defects found
II. Percentage of test cases executed
III. Total test effort planned versus total actual test effort spent
IV. Defect trend (number of defects found per test run over time
A. (i) and (ii)
B. (i) and (iv)
C. (ii) and (iii)
D. (ii) and (iv)
600-509 vce 
Correct Answer: D
Identify the THREE types of formal peer reviews that can be recognized. 1 credit
A. Inspection
B. Management review
C. Walkthrough
D. Audit
E. Technical review
F. Informal review
G. Assessment
Correct Answer: ACE
As part of the improvement program, the organization is also looking at tool support. Which type of tool could be used to ensure higher quality of the code to be reviewed?
A. Review tool
B. Test execution tool
C. Static analysis tool
D. Test design tool
600-509 exam 
Correct Answer: C
What is the main reason why reviews are especially beneficial in the above-mentioned scenario? 2 credits
A. They ensure a common understanding of the product.
B. They find defects early.
C. They enhance project communication.
D. They can be performed without exercising the code.
Correct Answer: D
The introduction of reviews and inspections has often failed as a process improvement action. Identify the THREE most important measures that should be taken to reduce the risk that this test process improvement will fail. 2 Credits (for 2 out of 3 correct 1 credit)
A. Process ownership and experienced moderators who drive the inspection process.
B. Management support
C. Training of those involved
D. The availability of stands and processes
E. Usage of a more traditional software development lifecycle
F. Alignment with software process improvement
G. Using a reference model, e.g. TMMi

600-509 dumps Correct Answer: ABC
IEEE 1028 also defines “management review” as a type of review. What is the main purpose of a management review? 1 credit
A. Align technical concepts during the design phase
B. Establish a common understanding of requirements
C. Provide independent evaluation of compliance to processes, regulations, standards etc.
D. To monitor progress, assess the status of a project, and make decisions about future actions
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is an example of testing as part of the requirements specification phase?
A. A requirements review meeting
B. A business analyst eliciting requirements
C. Performing acceptance tests against requirements
D. A test report showing requirements coverage
600-509 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
Select THREE issues from the options provided that should at least be raised. 1 credit
A. Has there been sufficient comparison of tools?
B. What are the problems we are trying to address?
C. Do we have a set of tool requirements to validate the tool against?
D. How will the implementation be organized?
E. Which project will be selected to perform the tool pilot?
F. Is customized training available?
G. How will the change process be managed?
Correct Answer: ABC
Which of the following would you least expect to form part of the analysis of initial tool costs? 1 credit
A. Integration with other tools
B. Learning time required to use the new tool
C. Tool portability
D. Evaluation of suitable tools
600-509 vce 
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following are valid reasons for adopting a different life cycle (from the V model), for increments after the first year? 2 credits
i. We do not have a clear understanding of the requirements from a customer perspective.
ii. We see the risk of delivering requested functionality late as being higher than the risk of delivering a lower quality product.
iii. We do not have a budget for additional regression testing which is needed to ensure that existing functionality is not compromised by future iterations.
iv. The company test strategy does not fit well within the V life cycle model.
A. (i) and (ii)
B. (i) and (iv)
C. (ii) and (iii)
D. (ii) and (iv)
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a characteristic of good testing in any life cycle model? 1 credit
A. Analysis and design of tests begins as soon as development is completed.
B. Some, but not all, development activities have corresponding test activities.
C. Each test level has test objectives specific to that level.
D. All document reviews involve the development team.
600-509 exam 
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following would you expect to see in the master test plan? 1 credit
A. A description of how the test cases are cross-referenced to requirements in the test management tool.
B. A detailed identification of the resources that will carry out structural testing in the first iteration.
C. The test approach that will be applied at system integration testing.
D. A list of the names of the testers who will carry out the performance testing for the final iteration.
Correct Answer: C
To remove computers from ePO using the Active Directory Synchronization task, it is required that the account has access to the:
A. Deleted computers
B. Deleted Objects container
C. Organizational Unit
D. Active Directory.
600-509 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
What option can be configured in the On-Access General Policy that is not an option in the local VirusScan console?
A. Boot sectors
B. Floppy during shutdown
C. Enable on-access scanning at system startup
D. Enable on-access scanning when the policy is enforced
Correct Answer: D
To ensure that a Rogue System Detection Sensor is not installed on a managed system, what action needs to be performed?
A. Add the system to the Exception List
B. Add the system to the Blacklist
C. Add the system as Ignored
D. Add the system as Managed
600-509 pdf 
Correct Answer: B
When running a “Run Tag Criteria” server task and the box for “Reset manually tagged and excluded systems” box is checked, this would:
A. Include both systems that match and don’t match.
B. Remove the tag on systems that do match the criteria.
C. Add the tag on systems that don’t match the criteria.
D. Remove the tag on systems that don’t match the criteria.
Correct Answer: D
Query results are displayed within ePO in what form? (Choose two)
B. Charts
D. Tables
600-509 vce 
Correct Answer: BD
Which of the following options are available when right clicking a file and selecting “Scan for threats”? (Choose two)
A. Clean
B. Delete
C. Continue
D. Prompt for action
E. Continue scanning
Correct Answer: AC
When configuring Product Deployment Client Tasks, the “Enable randomization” setting should be activated when managed client nodes exceed.
A. 100
B. 500
C. 750
D. 1000
600-509 exam 
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following should be the primary consideration when deploying Agent Handlers?
A. Database increasing in size
B. Log files increasing in size
C. Memory and resource allocation
D. High speed and low latency connection
Correct Answer: D
When backing up an ePO server, which of the following security keys is required to restore agent server communication?
A. Local Master Repository Communication
B. Agent Server Secure Communication
C. Legacy Agent Server Communication
D. McAfee SIA Repository Communication
600-509 dumps 
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is the correct order for creating a query?
A. Configure Chart, choose Columns, select Result Type, apply Filter
B. Select Result Type, choose Columns, configure Chart, apply Filter
C. Configure Chart, select Result Type, choose Columns, apply Filter
D. Select Result Type, configure Chart, choose Columns, apply Filter
Correct Answer: D
Agent Handlers are used to:
A. Replace distributed repositories

B. Ensure agents receive policies, tasks, and product updates.
C. Fix a broken network segment.
D. Identify Rogue Systems on the network.
600-509 pdf 
Correct Answer: B
When a policy is deleted, all systems for which it is currently applied to will inherit which policy?
A. McAfee Default
B. Parent Group
C. My Default
D. Global Root
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following server services is responsible for communication with the McAfee Agent?
A. Apache
B. Tomcat
D. Event Parser
600-509 vce 
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a core architecture component of ePO?
A. Internet Explorer
B. Event Parser
C. Active Directory
D. Agent Handler
Correct Answer: B
Why would a managed system appear in the Lost & Found group?
A. No matching criteria were found
B. Matched sorting criteria were found
C. Inactive Agent
D. Rogue Agent
600-509 exam 
Correct Answer: A
Which areas of the console allow the resetting of inheritance? (Choose three)
A. Assigned Policies
B. Policy Catalog
C. Group Details
D. Systems
E. Client Tasks
Correct Answer: ABE

600-509 dumps


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