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Question 1:

You have added a deployment object to the “tenant!” namespaces on a Kubernetes cluster using the

“cluster. local” domain name.

The deployment\’s pods run a Web-based application. You want the application running on these pods to

be accessible within the cluster at hostname:

portaLtenantl.svc.clusteUocal. Which object meets these requirements?

A. A service object with ClusterIP type and name “portal”

B. A replica set object with container ports 80 and 443

C. A config map object with ports 80 and 443 and name “portaLtenant l”

D. A kdcluster object with hostname “portal. tenants.svc.cluster.local”

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

What is a setting that you are allowed to change after you deploy a Kubernetes cluster?

A. The number of hosts assigned to a role

B. The type (data fabric or non-data fabric)

C. The pod network range

D. The authentication settings

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

You want to set up high availability (HA) for the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform control plane. This includes HA for gateways and HA for the platform. You are not planning to use the embedded Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Which hosts will you require at a minimum?

A. Two hosts with 500 GB for ephemeral storage and 500 GB for OS storage Two hosts with 500 GB for OS storage

B. Three hosts with 500 GB for ephemeral storage and 500 GB for OS storage Two hosts with 500 GB for OS storage

C. Three hosts with 500 GB for OS storage Two hosts with 500 GB for OS storage and 500 GB for ephemeral storage

D. Four hosts with 500 GB for OS storage and 500 GB storage for ephemeral storage

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

What is one requirement for setting up Platform High Availability (HA)?

A. Gateway HA must be configured before you enable Platform HA.

B. The controller and the shadow controller must be on different subnets.

C. The controller and the gateway must be on the same subnet.

D. Any virtual clusters that have been created on EPIC workers must be deleted.

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

What is one benefit that the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides for loT deployments?

A. It supports Edgeline servers, which are specialized for the edge, as hosts within the platform.

B. It provides APIs for deploying the platform services on mobile devices.

C. Its control plane runs in the HPE cloud, which brings the scalability required for a lot

D. It supports importing third-party loT platforms as clusters managed by the platform.

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

Refer to the exhibits.

latest HP HPE2-N68 dumps exam questions 6

You want the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform gateway to provide external access to the service shown in the exhibit. The service is deployed in the Kubernetes Tenant tor which the exhibit shows the settings. However, it is not currently doing so.

What correction must you make to achieve this goal?

A. Reapply the service object with the “Port type” changed to “ClusterlP” and a valid cluster IP specified.

B. Check which ports are available on the gateway. Specify one of those ports as the “nodePort” in the service and reapply it.

C. Select the “Enable Istio Service Mesh” option In the Kubernetes Tenant options; then reapply the service object.

D. Reapply the service object with the “hpecp.hpe.com/hpecp-internal-gateway” label set to “true” in the metadata.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

A customer needs an Ezmeral Container Platform solution for supporting a mix of stateful and stateless applications. The customer also wants the platform to use Ezmeral Data Fabric on Kubernetes.

Which systems are recommended for the Data Fabric workers?

A. SimpliVity 380s

B. Synergy 380s

C. Apollo 4200s

D. Apollo 6500s

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

What is one requirement for using the pre-check config rite to install HPE EzmeralContainer Platform v5.2 on a controller host?

A. You must first install a digital certificate to secure management communications with the host.

B. The host must pass all the checks run by the pre-check config script.

C. You must run the standard installation before running the pre-check config file.

D. The host must run the RHEL operating system because SLE5 is not supported.

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

What is one way that HPE Ezmeral ML Ops can help companies overcome their AI/ML challenges?

A. It enforces isolation between notebook environments and training environments.

B. It provides acceleration for machine learning algorithms to eliminate the need for CPUs.

C. It provides notebook and training environments with many AI/ML libraries and frameworks.

D. It provides a custom HPE Ezmeral library for deep learning and neural network algorithms.

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

You have an Ezmeral Container Platform solution running v5.2 software. The platform manages several Kubernetes clusters. You need to upgrade the software. What type of behavior should you expect during the upgrade?

A. Existing services continue to run with minimal disruption, but users cannot add new services in the Web Ul.

B. All services on the cluster will be down for about an hour, as will the Web Ul.

C. Users can access EPIC features, but services running on the Kubernetes cluster will be unavailable.

D. Users can access the Web Ul. But external clients will not be able to reach services on the cluster.

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

What is the advantage of the HPE Ezmerai Container Platform as compared to engineered Kubernetes distributions such as Red Hat OpenShift?

A. It keeps a better pace with the latest Kubernetes versions and provides a flexible choice in which versions each cluster runs.

B. It enables customers to run containerized workloads on-prem while most engineered Kubernetes solutions are cloud-only.

C. It is designed to run stateless and stateful apps while most engineered Kubernetes solutions are optimized for stateful apps only.

D. It provides a lower TC by using an upfront payment model as opposed to software subscriptions.

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

What Is the correct consideration for creating a Kubernetes Tenant on the Ezmeral Container Platform?

A. When you select that the Tenant owns the Kubernetes namespace, Tenant Admins are given elevated access to the Kubernetes cluster.

B. When you set a quota for a resource, containers running on the Tenant are not allowed to request or use resources beyond that level.

C. You must manually create a namespace for the Tenant on the Kubernetes cluster before you create the Tenant.

D. When you set a quota for a resource, containers running on the Tenant are guaranteed up to that level.

Correct Answer: A

Question 13:

What Is one way that the HPE EzmeralContainer Platform helps customers to reduce costs?

A. By making it easy to install bare metal Kubernetes hosts and clusters, it eliminates the costs of many virtualization licenses.

B. It embeds all control plane functions in the same host systems that run container workers, reducing hardware costs.

C. It includes its own container orchestration software so that customers do not have to purchase expensive Kubernetes licenses.

D. It provides a streamlined solution with fewer components than typical DIY Kubernetes, reducing hardware and operational costs.

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

How does the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform regulate the use of GPUs on EPIC hosts?

A. It lets Tenant Admins create flavors, which specify the number of GPUs required by a virtual node using that flavor.

B. It creates virtual GPUs and allocates these virtual GPUs to the virtual nodes that request them.

C. It allows Site Admins to reserve a certain number of GPUs for the tenant within an EPIC tenant\’s settings.

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

You are creating an EPIC Tenant on the Ezmeral Container Platform.

When would you grant the Cluster Superuser privilege to Tenant Admins?

A. The Tenant Admins need rights to multiple tenants, and you do not want to give these users Site Admin rights.

B. The Tenant Admins need additional rights to set up persistent storage for certain applications.

C. The Tenant Admins need to access the App Store and download apps for the tenant.

D. The Tenant Admins require root access to run ActionScripts on virtual clusters.

Correct Answer: C


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